My Experience at the Women’s Board Summer Conference

Written by Brittani Hudson, Marketing Coordinator, Auto-Wares Group of Companies, for the Young Auto Care Network Group

CCCWB15 Cline 4This past August, I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship provided by YANG to attend the Women’s Board (WB) Summer Leadership Conference in Denver, Colo.

The WB conference covered topics like work and home life integration, wage negotiation and biases in the workplace. Each topic left me feeling enthusiastic about what other women in the industry are accomplishing, despite obstacles being thrown their way. From starting a company from the ground to saving a company and watching it flourish today, these women are truly remarkable. As a young female professional, it is often difficult to be taken seriously in a room full of men who have been in the industry for a long time.

The most beneficial part of the trip for me was when the WB covered industry trends. I learned a lot about what the auto care industry is doing and where it is going. As someone who works in a marketing department, I was able to step a few feet ahead and bring back facts and ideas to my company from the presentation. This leadership conference gave me the confidence to speak up and stand out rather than sitting back and blending in. I truly appreciate the experience and the opportunity that YANG provided me.

Originally published in the YANGster Wrap Newsletter, Oct. 6, 2015. View the full newsletter.

View the 2015 Summer Leadership Conference Agenda here. View future events here.


About cccwomensboard

The Car Care Council Women’s Board is comprised of auto care professionals dedicated to providing opportunities, education and career leadership to women in the auto care industry.
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