Women Matter in Organizations-Keep Your Leadership Strengths from Becoming Weaknesses

Guest Post by Marion Posen, Women’s Board Associate

Polarities? Opposites attract and repel we know this from physics class, but how does it influence our relationships both personal and professional? Quite frankly, I’d never thought of this idea, but after listening to Margaret Seidler, Polarity Management Master speak at the winter meeting of the Car Care Council Women’s Board in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 I had an epiphany.


Margaret Seidler with her book Power Surge at the 2014 Women’s Board Winter Meeting

Margaret gave us a hand-out that asked us to choose between two opposing leadership preferences. The first was a choice between activity and rest that was an interesting choice to have to make. I choose activity and the list continued with opposing preferences. Margaret also asked us to put an asterisk next to preferences we felt strongly about. She told us that she had learned through polarity management training that if you have a strong leadership preference you have to work hard to develop the preference you don’t naturally gravitate towards this makes you more rounded in your leadership approach and will help you develop better personal and professional relationships.

We also learned through a study by McKinsey and Company that women matter in organizations. The finding of the study revealed that women matter in achieving higher levels of organizational success. We learned that women’s leadership preferences combined with men’s leadership preferences can be complimentary in helping companies succeed.

Margaret also gave each attendee a copy of her book, Power Surge: A Conduit for Enlightened Leadership which we can read to learn more about the power of “and.” You can learn more of Margaret and her ideas about polarity management at http://www.margaretseidler.com


About cccwomensboard

The Car Care Council Women’s Board is comprised of auto care professionals dedicated to providing opportunities, education and career leadership to women in the auto care industry. www.wbcarcare.com
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