Aftermarket Recruiting Visit

Even though Aftermarket Recruiting Week is technically over, it’s never a bad time to promote careers in the aftermarket. Last week, a fellow AAIA colleague and I had the pleasure of visiting my alma mater, Gaithersburg High School, and speaking with automotive instructor, Bruce Dunkin.

Needless to say, I knew very little about GHS’s automotive program besides the fact that it existed and there was a small garage/classroom towards the back of the school. I was very surprised to see how advanced the classroom/work area was and learn about the kinds of classes offered in the program.

I was also surprised at how interested he was in learning more about scholarships, career opportunities and future training for his students. It was really nice to see a fresh “outsider” perspective on some of the things we can improve in our industry.

For those of you who are still weary or unsure of what to expect on a recruiting visit, here’s what I found.

  • Try to meet with an instructor. He/she usually has a much better perspective on their students’ expectations, outlooks, etc.
  • The meeting can be very casual. It’s important to remember that the instructor/counselor probably doesn’t quite have a grasp on how large and impactful on the economy our industry is, which probably means they’re still trying to figure out what you’re really doing there and what you’ll be discussing.
  • Don’t forget to bring materials with you that highlight scholarships, facts about the industry, etc. You can download all these materials from the Women’s Board site by clicking here.

Also, don’t forget WB scholarship applications are due March 31! Click here for the application.


About cccwomensboard

The Car Care Council Women’s Board is comprised of auto care professionals dedicated to providing opportunities, education and career leadership to women in the auto care industry.
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